Oct 3, 2016 – Psalm 2

Read Psalm 2

Were you a little confuse when you read this psalm? Who is being talked about? It helps to take a look at Acts 4:25, and we see that Peter indicates the author is David.

This psalm describes the celebration when a king is anointed in Israel. Surrounding nations look for opportunities to break away from being subjected to God through Israel. God’s response is that He put His chosen king on the throne. God declares that the king is His son. And the psalmist suggests that the other kings should submit to God’s chosen one on the throne.

Wow! That’s a lot packed into that psalm.

Of course, there are the allusions pointing forward to Jesus Christ sitting on the throne, and all nations of the earth being subject to Him.

Read the psalm again, and think about the relationship of God to the nations. What about God’s relationship to individuals? Sin is resistance to subjection to God.

The primary aspect of our worship of God is willingly putting ourselves under His authority. Will you worship God by doing this?

But what joy for all who take refuge in him! -v12

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