Oct 10, 2016 – Psalm 3

Read Psalm 3

It’s not often that I feel like every one is against me. But your life may be different. Sometimes it seems like everything you do is met with opposition, or it seems like everyone is beating you down.

David felt that way. This psalm recounts how David felt when his son was planning to seize the throne of Israel.

  • Have you ever felt like you have so many enemies (v1)?
  • Cry out to God. How can He be the one who holds your head high (v3-4)?
  • What does it mean that God will hold my head high (v3)?
  • Why can looking to God provide peace (v5-6)?
  • Force yourself to look to God. Are you confident that victory comes from the Lord (v8)?

You probably don’t have someone trying to kill you. But, even if you do, turn your eyes to our Lord, who is our protector and provides the victory!

I cried out to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy mountain. -v4

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