Oct 10, 2016 – Genesis 16

Read Genesis 16

We’ve been building to this point for a few chapters. Remember that God had promised Abram a descendent, yet he and Sarai could not have children.

  • How does Sarai and Abram try to solve God’s problem (vv1-4)?
  • How did this ruin relationships in the household (vv 4-6)?
  • Describes how God intervenes (vv 7-10).
  • What was the promise that God gave Hagar (vv 10-12)?
  • How would you describe the son from Hagar as it relates to God’s promise to Abram (v 13-16)?

Think about what we can learn of God in this chapter. God is sovereign, and we (people) do not, actually can not, mess up His plans. Praise God that He will see His plan through to completion!

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