Sep 28, 2016 – Genesis 14

Read Genesis 14

There are a couple of significant events in the chapter you just read. The first is that there is a battle of four kings against five kings, and the resulting rescue of Lot by his uncle Abram. The second event is the blessing of Abram by Melchizedek, king of Salem.

As you re-read the chapter, you might want to map out the war of the kings on paper so you can better follow what’s happening. Just remember that this is all a part of God’s promise to Abram to make him great.

The war between the kings is documented in vv 1-16.

  • Where did this war take place?
  • Where were all 9 of the kings from?
  • How did Lot end up getting taken captive? And how did Abram hear about it?

The account of Melchizedek blessing Abram is in vv 17-24.

  • What can you learn about Melchizedek in these verses? from other places in the Bible?
  • What did Abram do in response to the blessing?
  • How did Abram respond to the demand from the king of Sodom? Why is this important?

This chapter may seem foreign to our way of life, but it was common in that time. Throughout history, God moves the hand of rulers to accomplish His will. Pray that your eyes will be opened so that you can see God’s work in everything around you.

And blessed be God Most High, who has defeated your enemies for you. -v20

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