Sep 14, 2016 – Genesis 12

Read Genesis 12

The last time we read about the introduction of different languages, and the history of Abram’s family. Today’s chapter is a high-point in the unfolding of God’s program. God makes a significant promise to Abram.

The promise is given in vv 1-9.

  • What did God tell Abram to do?
  • What did God tell Abram that He would do?
  • How is this to affect Abram?
  • How is this to affect the rest of the world?
  • How did Abram respond to what God told him?

Then, in vv 10-20, Abram and Sarai head to Egypt and experience a very low point in their lives.

  • Why did they head to Egypt?
  • What was Abram’s concern related to Sarai?
  • How did Abram try to solve his concern?
  • What was the result of that?
  • What did God do to Pharaoh?

God’s promise and call to Abram seems outrageous! Yet Abram obeyed God. Sometimes God calls us to do outrageous things for Him. We need to learn to obey just as quickly as Abram did when God told him to GO.

And Abram built an altar there and dedicated it to the Lord, who had appeared to him. -v7

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