Aug 5, 2016 – Daniel 7

Read Daniel 7

Now our reading of Daniel moves into a vision that God gave Daniel.

The chapter is divided into two parts – the vision, and the explanation of the vision.

Verses 1-14 describes the vision.

  • What did Daniel see in the storm?
  • Describe the characteristics of each beast.
  • Describe the activities of each beast.
  • “Ancient One” is God. Describe the scene around God
  • Who did Daniel see coming with the clouds of heaven (v13-14)?

Verses 15-28 gives the explanation.

  • How did Daniel seek an explanation?
  • What was the explanation about the 4th beast (vv 23-27)?

Daniel was terrified with these visions. What can we learn about God with his response to the 4th beast? How can this give us peace when the world is in turmoil around us?

“…His kingdom will last forever, and all rulers will serve and obey him.” -v27

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