July 6, 2016 – Genesis 4

Read Genesis 4

Continuing with the idea of “firsts”, we see some “firsts” in this chapter. Think about these questions a bit…

  • Identify the major players in this chapter. What are their names? What did they do?
  • The first murder happens in this chapter. Who killed whom? Why? How does the Lord react?
  • What might be the significance of the very last sentence, “At that time people first began to worship the LORD by name.”?

We all have the choice of being obedient to God or not. Cain chose to be disobedient, and ended up killing his brother. Although a rather extreme outcome, what might be the impact of your disobedience in life? Pray that God would give you the ability to obey him in everything.

The LORD accepted Abel and his gift. -v4

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