June 29, 2016 – Genesis 3

Read Genesis 3

Because Genesis is a book of beginnings, many “firsts” are presented. This chapter provides the account of the first sin by mankind.

Look at vv 1-7.

  • Notice the conversation between Eve and the serpent. See how the serpent disagreed with what God had said?
  • How did Eve respond in v6?
  • Their eyes were opened after disobeying what God had commanded. How did they respond?

The next section, vv8-19 is a conversation between God and Adam & Eve.

  • Use your own words to re-tell this story.
  • God pronounced a penalty on the serpent, Eve and Adam. What is the penalty for each of them?

The final penalty for mankind is described in vv20-24.

  • What does God do in response to them eating of the fruit of the tree?

Mankind originally lived in paradise. Because of sin, they were banished from paradise. Later in the Bible we learn of the plan God has to redeem us and restore us to paradise. Keep reading!

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