June 16, 2016 – 1 Timothy 1

Read 1 Timothy 1

Everyone likes to get a letter. Letters are sent to someone you love. They are sent to communicate something important. Fathers sometimes write letters to their children when they are born, knowing the letter will not be read for several years.

1 Timothy is a letter from the Apostle Paul to his understudy, Timothy. Timothy was a pastor of a church, and this letter is full of advice and wisdom for a young pastor.

Paul opens this letter with a typical greeting of the day, identifying the sender and the intended recipient of the letter.

So, let’s think about what is in this chapter…

  • Why did Paul encourage Timothy to stay in Ephesus?
  • How does Paul describe the purpose or usefulness of the Law?
  • Why does Paul feel compelled to serve Christ?
  • Look again at verses 18-20. What is Paul’s encouragement to Timothy? Why?

Now, let’s get personal a bit. Are you clinging to your faith in Christ, or does your faith tend to wander? Are you keeping a clear conscience, or do you sometimes let sin hang on? Make these two things you objective today. God can help you with that.

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