Reading the Bible

Sep 7, 2016 – Genesis 11

Read Genesis 11 There are a couple of major things happen in this chapter. We have the introduction of various languages with the subsequent scattering of people, and then we see the lineage of Abram (Abraham) from Shem (son of Noah). Take a look at vv 1-9 again. What were the people doing, and why? […]

Sep 6, 2016 – Proverbs 11

Read Proverbs 11 Honesty, speech, pride, gossip, beauty, generosity, wealth. These are all addressed in today’s reading. What is said about these things in Proverbs 11? Did you see anything unusual here? How can our response to these things be godly? wicked? Many of us are very wealthy when compared to most of the world. […]

Sep 5, 2016 – Psalm 1

Today’s reading is Psalm 1 It is a classic comparison and contrast between those who seek to serve the Lord, and those who don’t. What are some of the activities of those who follow the Lord? What are some of the activities of the wicked? How are the righteous described? How are the wicked described? […]

Aug 31, 2016 – Genesis 10

Read Genesis 10 Get yourself a map of the ancient world.  This chapter presents the descendants of Noah.  Now, using that map you found, see if you can find the directions Shem, Ham and Japheth went. Praise God for His work through the flood and preserving the human race. All the nations of the earth […]

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