Reading the Bible

Sep 13, 2016 – Proverbs 12

Read Proverbs 12 This chapter is similar to the last few. It is a collection of wise sayings and principles from Solomon. He expects the reader to learn from them. With that in mind, then… What do you learn about wickedness and righteousness? What do you learn about relationships? What do you learn about marriage? […]

Sep 12, 2016 – Psalm 73

Read Psalm 73 Take a quick look at who wrote this psalm. It is Asaph. You can learn more about who Asaph was in 1 Chronicles 6:31-39. That might make a difference as you think about this chapter. In 28 short verses, we can see a man who is almost overcome by how he viewed […]

Sep 9, 2016 – Daniel 10

Read Daniel 10 This chapter describes yet another vision given to Daniel. If you clicked the above link to view this chapter at bible, take a look at the footnote at the end of this chapter. When did Daniel see this vision? Where was Daniel when he saw this vision? What did Daniel see? […]

Sep 8, 2016 – Mark 4

Read Mark 4 This chapter introduces something new. Jesus begin teaching with parables, or stories to communicate a point. The first parable is in vv 1-20. The second parable is in vv 21-25. The third parable is in vv 26-29. The fourth parable is in vv 30-34. For each of the parables… Recount the story […]

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