Reading the Bible

Oct 3, 2016 – Psalm 2

Read Psalm 2 Were you a little confuse when you read this psalm? Who is being talked about? It helps to take a look at Acts 4:25, and we see that Peter indicates the author is David. This psalm describes the celebration when a king is anointed in Israel. Surrounding nations look for opportunities to […]

Sep 30, 2016 – Daniel 12

Read Daniel 12 This chapter concludes the interesting book of Daniel. It builds on the narrative from chapters 10 and 11. If you missed those days, go back and read them. What is your impression of this chapter? How can you learn more about understanding the things in Daniel 12? Think about the book as […]

Sep 29, 2016 – Mark 6

Read Mark 6 Notice that this chapter starts with Jesus in Nazareth, his hometown. Pay attention to the events in this chapter. Give some thought to the first 12 verses. What is your response to the people who said, “He’s just a carpenter…”? How does Jesus respond to them? Why did Jesus send the 12 […]

Sep 28, 2016 – Genesis 14

Read Genesis 14 There are a couple of significant events in the chapter you just read. The first is that there is a battle of four kings against five kings, and the resulting rescue of Lot by his uncle Abram. The second event is the blessing of Abram by Melchizedek, king of Salem. As you […]

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