Reading the Bible

July 1, 2016 – Daniel 3

Read Daniel 3 90 feet tall! Can you imagine a statue that tall? Nebuchadnezzar commanded that everyone worship that statue. If you were in Daniel’s friend’s place, how would you respond? Look at how these three men did respond in vv16-18. Talk about BOLD! So, what could Nebuchadnezzar do, but follow through on his threats? […]

June 30, 2016 – 1 Timothy 3

Read 1 Timothy 3 Today’s reading is a short chapter that is jam-packed with guidance for church leaders. Remember Paul is writing to Timothy, and these are not only commands for leaders, but also the desired behavior for all believers. vv1-6 are considered the requirements for elders (church leaders). Think about these requirements. Why do […]

June 29, 2016 – Genesis 3

Read Genesis 3 Because Genesis is a book of beginnings, many “firsts” are presented. This chapter provides the account of the first sin by mankind. Look at vv 1-7. Notice the conversation between Eve and the serpent. See how the serpent disagreed with what God had said? How did Eve respond in v6? Their eyes […]

June 28, 2016 – Proverbs 3

Read Proverbs 3 Proverbs is loaded with common sense. This chapter is no different. Using the picture of a father teaching his son, we see the phrase “My child” several times. Each of the three sections in this chapter begins with “My child”. Look at vv 1-10. Think about these questions… What is the very […]

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