Reading the Bible

Aug 17, 2016 – Genesis 9

Read Genesis 9 The flood is over and Noah, his family and all the animals have left the ark. This chapter contains both a wonderful promise from God, and a distasteful situation with Noah. What was the command that God gave Noah and his sons in vv 1-7? Notice the contrast between taking the life […]

Aug 16, 2016 – Proverbs 9

Read Proverbs 9 As you read this chapter today, watch for these things… watch for how wisdom is calling watch for the contrast between wisdom and mockers when correction is given watch for how Folly is contrasted with Wisdom The entire book of Proverbs encourages us to seek wisdom. But, in vv 11-12 in this […]

Aug 15, 2016 – Psalm 77

Read Psalm 77 This is a psalm of Asaph, written for Jeduthun the choir director. If you have the time, think about these things… What is the flow of emotions in this psalm? There are several divisions separated by “Interlude” or “Selah”. What is the main idea of each of these sections? How does the […]

Aug 12, 2016 – Daniel 8

Read Daniel 8 Another vision. Only this one is a little different. Daniel had the vision, and the meaning was given by Gabriel. Looking at verses 1-14, describe the vision that Daniel saw. What are the animals in the vision? What did they do? The question is asked, “How long with the events of this […]

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