Reading the Bible

Aug 30, 2016 – Proverbs 10

Read Proverbs 10 This chapter appears to be a collection of wise sayings given by Solomon. However there are themes here that consistent with what is written elsewhere in Proverbs. What is said about the “godly” in this chapter? How are the lazy portrayed? Why is there a contrast between the godly and wicked? What […]

Aug 29, 2016 – Psalm 34

Read Psalm 34 Fear. Praise. Confidence. These emotions, and others, are contained in Psalm 34. Notice the text at the very beginning of this Psalm. That helps us understand the context. Think through what you’ve read in the Psalm. What is the flow of thought? How does David express himself? What can you learn about […]

Aug 19, 2016 – Daniel 9

Read Daniel 9 I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through Daniel. This chapter records Daniel’s prayer. When did this particular event take place? (v1-2) What prompted Daniel’s prayer? (v2) Examine his prayer (vv 4-19) closely. What were the main points of Daniel’s prayer? But, something amazing happened. Who appeared to Daniel? (v20-21) Why did Gabriel […]

Aug 18, 2016 – Mark 3

Read Mark 3 There’s lots of activity in this chapter.  Look at vv 1-6 What happened here? What was the interaction between Jesus and the Pharisees? Why were the Pharisees wanting to kill Jesus? Now, move on to vv 7-12 Find a map and see if you can see the wide geographic spread of where […]

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