Knowing God

Sep 20, 2016 – Prov 13

Read Proverbs 13

Chapter 13 continues the thoughts contrasting righteousness and wickedness.

As you read through this chapter, think about these questions…

  • Do any of the topics bother you?
  • Do you agree with any of the proverbs?
  • Do you disagree or struggle with any of these proverbs?
  • Which of the topics do you need to address in your personal life?
  • Are there any sins related to these proverbs that you need to confess?

Righteousness is the goal of the Christian life. Ask the Lord to show where you are deficient with respect to a righteous life.

Godliness guards the path of the blameless, but the evil are misled by sin. -v6

Sep 19, 2016 – Psalm 147

Read Psalm 147

We really don’t know who wrote this psalm, but there are some clues as to when it might have been written. Look at verse 2 and consider when there might be talk about rebuilding Jerusalem and bringing exiles back. About when in the timeline of Israel’s history might this be?

Now, the rest of the psalm is broken up into three sections. For each of these sections, there is a call to praise followed by some reasons to praise God.

Here are the sections: vv 1-6, vv 7-11, and vv 12-20.

For each of these sections, what are the reasons for praising the Lord that are given?

Now consider your life. If you were asked to give reasons to praise God, what would you say?

No, the Lord’s delight is in those who fear him, those who put their hope in his unfailing love. -v11

Sep 14, 2016 – Genesis 12

Read Genesis 12

The last time we read about the introduction of different languages, and the history of Abram’s family. Today’s chapter is a high-point in the unfolding of God’s program. God makes a significant promise to Abram.

The promise is given in vv 1-9.

  • What did God tell Abram to do?
  • What did God tell Abram that He would do?
  • How is this to affect Abram?
  • How is this to affect the rest of the world?
  • How did Abram respond to what God told him?

Then, in vv 10-20, Abram and Sarai head to Egypt and experience a very low point in their lives.

  • Why did they head to Egypt?
  • What was Abram’s concern related to Sarai?
  • How did Abram try to solve his concern?
  • What was the result of that?
  • What did God do to Pharaoh?

God’s promise and call to Abram seems outrageous! Yet Abram obeyed God. Sometimes God calls us to do outrageous things for Him. We need to learn to obey just as quickly as Abram did when God told him to GO.

And Abram built an altar there and dedicated it to the Lord, who had appeared to him. -v7

Sep 13, 2016 – Proverbs 12

Read Proverbs 12

This chapter is similar to the last few. It is a collection of wise sayings and principles from Solomon. He expects the reader to learn from them. With that in mind, then…

  • What do you learn about wickedness and righteousness?
  • What do you learn about relationships?
  • What do you learn about marriage?
  • What do you learn about truth and deceit?
  • What do you learn about work and laziness?

The really important question that comes now is, what do you learn about yourself and what do you need to correct in your life in order to be more like Christ? Ask the Lord to give you the strength to make these changes.

The way of the godly leads to life; that path does not lead to death. -v28

Sep 12, 2016 – Psalm 73

Read Psalm 73

Take a quick look at who wrote this psalm. It is Asaph. You can learn more about who Asaph was in 1 Chronicles 6:31-39. That might make a difference as you think about this chapter.

In 28 short verses, we can see a man who is almost overcome by how he viewed the wicked, and then remembers the destiny of the wicked and the righteous. This division is in vv 1-14, followed by vv 15-28.

Look at those sections again. What are the emotions that are expressed? What caused the self-aware realization in his heart? What was Asaph’s mood at the beginning and at the end?

Have you ever been discouraged by what you see other people having? Realize that bitterness is often the cause of this. Remember that you belong to the Lord and that He holds you in His hand.

But as for me, how good it is to be near God! I have made the Sovereign Lord my shelter, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful things you do. -v28

Don't make reading the Bible a chore. Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and follow along as we read the Bible together!

Do you know God?

Can you really know for sure you are going to heaven? Is it really possible to have a relationship with God and to know your sins are forgiven? God does not want you to live in uncertainty. He wants you to know for sure that you are going to heaven.