Oct 5, 2016 – Genesis 15

Read Genesis 15

Do you ever doubt that God will do what He says? Abram did. Back in Genesis 12, God first told Abram that he would have a large number of descendants. But, Abram was getting old and had no children.

  • What was Abrams main concern in this chapter?
  • How did God answer Abram?
  • Why did Abram ask the question in v8?
  • What was God’s response to that question?
  • What was God’s covenant with Abram in vv 12-21?

The point of all this is that God will do what He says. At this point, Abram was waiting for an heir. God assured him that one would come.

What do you have trouble trusting God about? What can you learn from this chapter about trusting God? Ask him to give you the faith necessary to believe Him.

And Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord counted him as righteous because of his faith. -v6

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