Sep 22, 2016 – Mark 5

Read Mark 5

There are two main sections in this chapter, and in each of them we see more about Jesus.

Look at vv 1-20. Think about these things…

  • What do we see happening?
  • Who approached whom? Is this significant?
  • What did Jesus do? What did the demon-possessed man do?
  • How did the crowd around them respond?
  • Why did Jesus respond to them like he did?
  • What can we learn about Jesus in these verses?

Now, consider what you see in vv 21-43…

  • Where did this event happen?
  • What happens in these verses?
  • How does Jairus approach Jesus?
  • How does the suffering woman approach Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus heal in these two situations?
  • What can we learn about Jesus in these verses?

Jesus came to heal. We see physical healing in the second section and spiritual healing in the first section. Do you have need of some healing? Pray to God and ask for His healing – physical, spiritual and emotional. Seek help and trust Him.

But Jesus overheard them and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” -v36

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