Aug 4, 2016 – Mark 1

Read Mark 1

The story in the book of Mark moves quickly. We can see that here in the first chapter. Many of these events are expanded upon in other Gospels. So, hang on as we work our way through the book of Mark.

Take a look at the introduction in verses 1-8.

  • What was the role of John the Baptist?
  • What was John doing? Why?
  • Describe John’s view of Jesus?

Jesus was baptized in verses 9-15

  • Who baptized Jesus?
  • What happened when Jesus was baptized?
  • What was Jesus doing in the wilderness?

Verses 16-19 tell us about the calling of the the first four disciples.

  • Who were the first two disciples? What was their profession? How did they respond to Jesus?
  • Who were the next two disciples? What was their profession? How did they respond to Jesus?

Something that seems strange to us happens in verses 21-28.

  • Describe what happened in these verses?
  • Why did Jesus cast out the evil spirit?
  • How did the crowds respond?

The first of many times that Jesus heals people is presented in verses 29-34.

  • Who is the first person that Jesus heals?
  • As other people heard of this, what was their response? What did Jesus do?

Verses 35-39 gives us some important information about Jesus.

  • Why did Jesus come?
  • What can we learn about telling others about Jesus?

Jesus healed a man with leprosy in verses 40-45

  • Look at how the man approaches Jesus in v 40. What attitudes are evident?
  • How long did the healing process take for Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus tell him not to tell anyone?

Lots of things happened in this chapter. We saw Jesus get baptized, call his first followers, heal and preach. What can you think of to take away from your reading today? Any ideas on how to live a more holy life?

“We must go on to other towns as well, and I will preach to them, too. That is why I came.” -v38

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