Aug 3, 2016 – Genesis 7

Read Genesis 7

The Genesis flood. It seems outrageous, and many people view it as a myth. I prefer to understand it as a real event.

So, Noah was told by God to build a boat. And Noah did.

Verses 1-5 contains the final command from God, some information about what was about to happen, and Noah’s response to God.

  • What all did God tell Noah to take into the boat?
  • When would the rain start?
  • How long was it going to rain?
  • How did Noah respond to God?

Verses 6-24 tell us what happened.

  • How old was Noah when the flood came?
  • Who all was in the boat with Noah?
  • How long were they in the boat when the rains came?
  • For how long did it rain?
  • What happened to everything on the earth?
  • How long did the flood cover the earth?

God was starting over. Mankind had quickly fallen into deep sin. Noah and his family were all that was left, and God was going to use them to rebuild the earth.

God’s request of Noah seemed outrageous, yet Noah obeyed. God wants us to obey, even when it seems outrageous. Pray and ask God to give you a willingness to obey him always.

So Noah did everything as the LORD commanded him. -v5

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