Aug 2, 2016 – Proverbs 7

Read Proverbs 7

If you are a father, you know that when you want your children to understand something you tell them repetitively, and with different approaches.

That is what we see in this chapter. The writer has already warned his son about the adulteress, and now the warning comes again. This warning is important.

Look at vv 1-5 to see the father’s warning to the son.

  • What is the promised outcome of obedience?
  • How does wisdom fit into this warning?

Verses 6-23 provide an example of the methods of the adulteress.

  • What are some characteristics of the young men?
  • Describe the actions of the adulteress.
  • What are some characteristics of the adulteress?
  • How is the young man described after the encounter with the adulteress?

The father pleas with the son in vv 24-27

  • What is the warning to the son?
  • What is the outcome of not listening to the father’s warnings?
  • How is the adulteress the “ruin of many”?

Sexual sin comes in many forms – physical adultery to adultery in the heart. If you are caught in any form of adultery, ask the Father for his forgiveness and seek help from a trusted friend or a professional. Continue to turn to our Heavenly Father for his strength to overcome this sin.

So listen to me, my sons, and pay attention to my words. -v24

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