Aug 18, 2016 – Mark 3

Read Mark 3

There’s lots of activity in this chapter. 

Look at vv 1-6

  • What happened here?
  • What was the interaction between Jesus and the Pharisees?
  • Why were the Pharisees wanting to kill Jesus?

Now, move on to vv 7-12

  • Find a map and see if you can see the wide geographic spread of where the people came from.
  • Why did Jesus tell his disciples to get a boat ready?
  • Why did Jesus tell the spirits not to reveal who he was?

The apostles were chosen in vv 13-19

  • What do you know about each of them?
  • What do you suppose was the criteria for being chosen?

Review vv 20-30

  • What was the complaint against Jesus?
  • Why were the teachers of religious law against Jesus?

Finally, look at vv 31-35

  • Why did Jesus give this response to the statement that his mother and brothers are outside?

Then he appointed twelve of them and called them his apostles. -v14

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