Aug 17, 2016 – Genesis 9

Read Genesis 9

The flood is over and Noah, his family and all the animals have left the ark. This chapter contains both a wonderful promise from God, and a distasteful situation with Noah.

  • What was the command that God gave Noah and his sons in vv 1-7?
  • Notice the contrast between taking the life of animals, and taking the life of a person. Why the contrast? What are the implications of this command?
  • Then in vv 8-17, God gives a promise. What was that promise?
  • What sign did God give so that people will remember His promise?
  • Now, look at vv 18-28. What are the significant points in this account?
  • Why is the contrast between Ham and Shem/Japheth emphasized?
  • What was the curse on Ham? The blessing on Shem & Japheth?
  • Think about what you know from the rest of the Bible. How does this fit?

God’s justice is emphasized in the account of the flood. But also His mercy is also emphasized. We all enjoy His mercy, but we need to remember God’s justice.

Then God said to Noah, “Yes, this rainbow is the sign of the covenant I am confirming with all the creatures on earth.” -v17

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