Aug 12, 2016 – Daniel 8

Read Daniel 8

Another vision. Only this one is a little different. Daniel had the vision, and the meaning was given by Gabriel.

Looking at verses 1-14, describe the vision that Daniel saw.

  • What are the animals in the vision? What did they do?
  • The question is asked, “How long with the events of this vision last?” What is the answer to this?

The vision is explained in verses 15-27.

  • How did Daniel respond to Gabriel?
  • Who is represented by the two-horned ram?
  • Who does the shaggy male goat represent?
  • What about the four horns?
  • What is said about the “fierce king” that will rise to power?
  • How did Daniel respond to all these things?

Understanding visions and prophecy can be a difficult thing. Some have described visions and prophecies as similar to looking out across range after range of mountains. The prophet describes what is seen, but does not tell which range things are in. This chapter describes some things that have already happened, and some that look to be yet in the future.

Pray that the Lord will provide wisdom to understand and apply the information from this chapter in your life.

The other replied, “It will take 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the Temple will be made right again.” -v14

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