Aug 11, 2016 – Mark 2

Read Mark 2

Moving on in Mark, this chapter contains 3 primary sections.

Look at verses 1-12

  • Where is Jesus’ home? What did he find when he returned home?
  • What was the complaint of the teachers? How did Jesus answer them?
  • How did the crowd respond to Jesus healing the paralyzed man?

Now, consider verses 13-17

  • Who did Jesus say “Follow me” to?
  • How were tax collectors viewed by most people? (infer this from v15)
  • What was the complaint of the Pharisees?
  • How did Jesus respond to them?

Finally, think about verses 18-28.

  • What was the main point being made about fasting?
  • What was the main point being made about the Sabbath?
  • Is this important today?

So, Jesus healed a paralyzed man, called Matthew (Levi) to be his disciple, and addressed concerns about fasting and the Sabbath.

What can you learn about yourself from this chapter? Do you ever get overly concerned about “rules” of religion? How would Jesus talk to you?

Jesus knew immediately what they were thinking… -v8

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