July 5, 2016 – Proverbs 4

Read Proverbs 4

“Son, my father told me some things that I want to pass on to you.” That’s the idea behind the opening section of this chapter. Passing wisdom for life down from one generation on to the next. Let’s look at this

vv 4-9 shows us what needs to be passed down.

  • What is the one idea of these verses the father wants his son to learn?
  • How can wisdom or good judgment impact your life?
  • If you feel you are lacking in wisdom, what can you do to get wisdom?

Looking at vv 10-13, what are the benefits of wisdom?

vv 14-19 tells us of the wicked.

  • Describe some of the characteristics of the wicked.
  • Find the contrast between the righteous and the wicked. Which do you want to be like?

Looking at vv 20-17, how does the father encourage his son? What are some things he is told?

As you think about this chapter, ask God to give you wisdom and to not do as the wicked do.

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. -v23

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