July 22, 2016 – Daniel 6

Read Daniel 6

Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

This is likely the most famous story from the book of Daniel. I hope that you read it carefully, because it’s more that just an amazing story. It contains some principles that are crucial to living a godly life while living in a questionable culture.

  • Why did the administrators and officials plot against Daniel?
  • How did they manipulate the King into an order that would harm Daniel?
  • Once the law was signed, what was Daniel’s response?
  • Where did Daniel gain his confidence?
  • After Daniel survived the lion’s den, what did the King do?

I want you to spend some time considering all of the possible responses when the government wants you to do something you feel is opposed to God. Pray that God would show you an appropriate response. 

He was faithful, always responsible, and completely trustworthy. -v4

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