July 20, 2016 – Genesis 6

Read Genesis 6

It is commonly understood that in the world, entropy increases. That is, disorder and decay will come.

God created the world, put mankind in a perfect garden, they sinned and one son killed the other. Disorder. Decay.

Verses 1-8 tells us about the decay, disorder and corruption of humanity. They quickly declined into wickedness.

  • What did the Lord see about the wickedness on the earth (v5)?
  • What was the Lord’s response? Why did the Lord respond this way?
  • There is a HUGE contrast of Noah and the rest of the world (v8). What is said about Noah?

Verses 9-22 turns our attention to God’s interaction with Noah.

  • Take the time to list out everything you can learn about Noah in these verses.
  • God’s plan seems outrageous! What was that plan?
  • What was the purpose of all the animals on that large boat?

The big picture from this chapter is that God will not tolerate unrepentant sin. Sooner or later He will send judgement. God is very patient, but we must not be willing to tolerate sin in our own lives.

Ask the Lord to show where there might be sin in your life, and ask Him for forgiveness. He is pleased when we genuinely turn from our sin.

So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him. -v22

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