July 1, 2016 – Daniel 3

Read Daniel 3

90 feet tall! Can you imagine a statue that tall? Nebuchadnezzar commanded that everyone worship that statue.

If you were in Daniel’s friend’s place, how would you respond?

Look at how these three men did respond in vv16-18. Talk about BOLD!

So, what could Nebuchadnezzar do, but follow through on his threats? He watched the men be thrown into the fiery furnace.

But what did King Neb see in v24-25? How many men were thrown into the furnace? how many did King Neb see? Who was that fourth man?

Now, describe what happened in vv26-27.

What did King Neb say (vv28-29)? And what did he do to these three (v30)?

Here’s my final through. God will honor our obedience to him. Pray that God will give you the boldness to be obedient no matter what the situation.

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