June 30, 2016 – 1 Timothy 3

Read 1 Timothy 3

Today’s reading is a short chapter that is jam-packed with guidance for church leaders. Remember Paul is writing to Timothy, and these are not only commands for leaders, but also the desired behavior for all believers.

  • vv1-6 are considered the requirements for elders (church leaders). Think about these requirements.
  • Why do you suppose each of these are listed?
  • vv7-13 address another type of church leader, deacons. Think about each of these requirements for deacons.
  • Why do you suppose each of these are listed?- Do you see any similarities or differences?
  • In vv14-15, Paul tells why these things are written. What is the reason Paul has written these things?
  • How are you doing with these behaviors and qualities?

Identify one of the behaviors or qualities you’ve read about today that you need to work on. Ask God to show you how you can be more like His desires for you.

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