June 28, 2016 – Proverbs 3

Read Proverbs 3

Proverbs is loaded with common sense. This chapter is no different. Using the picture of a father teaching his son, we see the phrase “My child” several times. Each of the three sections in this chapter begins with “My child”.

Look at vv 1-10. Think about these questions…

  • What is the very first thing the reader is to do, and why (vv1-2)?
  • v3 talks about “loyalty” and “kindness”. How would you define these? What is the result of keeping loyalty and kindness?
  • What is the contrast see in v5? What is the urging in v6?

Now, move on to vv 11-20. Here are some questions for thought…

  • Describe the parallel ideas of discipline in vv11-12. What are the familial relationships shown?
  • V13-18 talks about wisdom in more general terms. What does a person receive with wisdom?
  • What can be learned about God in vv19-20

Finally, the last section is vv 21-35.

  • There are 4 encouragements here, vv21-26, vv27-28, vv29-30, and vv31-32. In each of these what are we being told to do or not do? Why might these be some good things to live by?

Do you see anything that you need to address personally? Any points of wisdom in this chapter that grabbed your heart?

As you pray, ask God to give you wisdom and a life of honor.

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