June 23, 2016 – 1 Timothy 2

Read 1 Timothy 2



These are the themes in this chapter. Oh, and this chapter also has some of the most difficult verses in the entire Bible!

  • Let’s look at the theme of Prayer in vv 1-4. Who are we to pray for? Why are we to pray for them? Why are we to pray for them?
  • Beginning in v. 8, the letter addresses worship. What is commanded for men? How is the worship to be done? 
  • What is commanded for women in vv 9 & 10? Why the command to be modest in appearance? Don’t get caught up in trying to figure out what to wear and what not to wear. What should be the attitude of the heart?
  • Verses 11-15 make many people uncomfortable. Why do you think is the case? How might we be obedient to these verses in our modern culture?
  • Verse 15 is very difficult to understand. Ask the Lord to show you what this means. You might find a good Bible commentary to shed some light on this.

When you come across sections of the Bible that are difficult to understand, the first thing you should do is pray to God for wisdom and insight. Try to set aside your personal biases and discern the principle of the passage. Pray, pray, and pray some more!

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