June 21, 2016 – Proverbs 2

Read Proverbs 2

Wisdom. Seems like very few people are wise. I know there are several people who like to say they have wisdom, but does that show in their lives? 

This chapter forces a person to think about 3 things – How do you get wisdom? What are the results of wisdom? and What will wisdom do for you?

Let’s think about this a bit…

  • Look at the first 4 verses. Think about them. How do you get wisdom? What do you think is being communicated with the words treasure, turn, cry and search?
  • In verse 5 and 9 the word “then” is used. That’s an indicator of cause & effect. What is the “cause”? (hint: vv 1-4) What is the effect? (hint: Then something)
  • In v12 and 16 is the phrase “Wisdom will..” What a the things that wisdom will do? Although the feminine is used, what might be a generic equivalent?

As you think back on what you’ve learned about wisdom in this chapter, what do you need to be doing to increase in wisdom? Write out a plan of action to gain wisdom. Ask God to give you wisdom. Seek to live a life of wisdom.

Wise choices will watch over you. Understanding will keep you safe. – v11

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