June 17, 2016 – Daniel 1

Read Daniel 1

Let’s set the stage here. The nation of Judah had turned away from God and God’s patience had come to an end. Prophets had warned them of impending judgement if they continued turning away from God. On two separate occasions the Babylonians invaded and took a number of Jews captive. 

Daniel was one of those captives.

  • Who are the individuals and peoples that are identified in this chapter?
  • What was Nebuchadnezzar’s goal with these 4 young men?
  • How did the Four respond to the course of action? What was God’s blessing on them?
  • What did God give these 4 young men in v. 17? Specific to Daniel?
Would you have been able to say “no” to the prescribed actions? Pray and ask God to enable you to stand firm for what is right, even when society is heading in another direction.
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